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Wander through the trees,

Stare up at the pale blue sky,

Black branches out like claws.

Find you sitting, crying no tears,

Staring into nothing,

With a silver blade sliding

Across the smooth, pale skin

Of your arm.

Golden eyes wide but unseeing

Bloodshot, unblinking

As the blade cuts.

Blood drips slow but steady

Onto your old striped shirt

And I watch without words

As it seeps in- another stain of pain.

What happened?

You've returned to your old ways

Your wicked, Dark ways of


Skin torn eyes unmoving and a

Look of pain and terror frozen on

Your sculpted face.

Your wings gone, and you'll no longer


You'll not be one of us again.

You've killed too many

Broken us all.

You were our downfall.

So be lost, keep cutting.

You'll not return to us again.

Heaven closes its gates to you

And we keep your wings locked away.
Felt like telling a story in a poem...kind of a horror theme, I went for. Got the name from a book xD
tntdynomite92 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
An angel who commits suicide.... I like it.
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October 23, 2011
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