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He promised me forever...
Just me, only me.
I remember that I smiled,
Whispered, "Good, cause I'll love you always."
And he kissed my hair.

Our years went by, and I made a promise
I didn't want to make.
To stay alive, if he went first.
First, I refused, my heart already pained...
"Promise me," I heard him say,
"For I promised you forever and that promise,
It still holds true."
So I wiped a tear away, I grabbed his hand,
And with no promise of happiness, I said,
"I promise... though I'll grow more pained each day."
And he smiled, squeezed my hand, and said, "I'll love you always."

The years of our life went by,
And I begun to notice his pain.
Time and worried time again,
I'd ask if he was okay...
Each time, same answer,
But my concern didn't fade.

One day, towards the end of our life,
We both awoke in the middle of the night.
He took my fragile hand so gently,
And whispered,"It's my time..."
And I began to cry.
With the weakest of whispers, he said,
"Remember your promise...
And that you're always mine."
Tears flooded my eyes, and I took his hand tight,
And I whispered back,
"I am forever yours... and I will see you soon."
And as he closed his eyes, I closed mine,
And we both fell away forever.
This is like, total Notebook status but I like this, and I love that movie. So ha.
Silvninja Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Student Writer
This is amazingly written (: So beautiful
emopanda6 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks (:
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